Cryovac CT-501Cryovac CT-501

Cryovac CT-501

SKU: Cryo-CT501

The Softer Film - That’s Hard to Beat

Cryovac® CT-501 is a new finesse shrink film based on the patent-pending Sealed Air micro-layering technology platform. This revolutionary shrink film is perfect for wrapping irregular shaped products, contouring to the package like no other film and making wrinkles and “dog ears” magically disappear. In addition to being easy to use and softer shrinking, this “breakthrough” shrink film is versatile and forgiving across a wide range of equipment.

 • 50-60 Gauge Performance in a 30 Gauge Film
• Source Reduction and Improved Carbon Footprint
• Operational Gains, i.e., Lower Tunnel Temperatures, Longer Rolls Mean Fewer Changeovers and Reduced Transportation Costs

Download full Brochure: Cryovac CT-501 Brochure